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Private Wealth

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Private Wealth

While working to generate wealth is important for your financial freedom, management of the wealth generated is even more important to ensure that your wealth does not lose value but rather grows to meet your changing needs. To achieve this wealth management objective, UMB IHL has carefully carved this investment product to set you on that path of continuous growth of your wealth.

The private wealth management product is designed to generate returns much higher than the prevailing benchmark rates. The product is targeted at High Net Worth Individuals and organisations and it is designed to preserve and grow the wealth of investors.

We also understand the peculiarities, complexities and the savviness of individuals and institutions; in that regard UMB IHL is flexible, ready to listen and develop customised investment products to suit your needs.

Based on the investing capital of the client, discussions would be done to agree on a favourable return rate, with special focus on your investments based on your -

• Individual member accounting or administration where applicable or a relationship manager you can always reach to  address your concerns.

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