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Pension Fund Management

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Pension Fund Management

UMB IHL is a registered pension fund manager with the National Pensions regulatory Authority (NPRA) and is also licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The mandatory Tier 2 occupational scheme and voluntary Tier 3 are operated by Fund managers and approved Trustees licensed by NPRA.

Contributions to the Tier 2 scheme is 5% of the mandatory 8.5% contributions by both employer and employee. Employees and employers can also contribute up to 16.5% of their income into a voluntary Tier 3 scheme to enable them invest towards pension. Additionally, UMB IHL as a fund manager works with licensed corporate trustees and trustees of employer sponsored schemes to assist members of such schemes retire with an enhanced pension packages

A Pension Fund is a mandatory occupational scheme administered by approved Trustees licensed by the NPRA and managed by licensed pension fund managers; 5% of the employee’s gross salary is paid to the scheme. The employee receives monthly instalments upon retirement to substitute for the loss of regular income.

UMB IHL has a pension’s desk offering free pension migration services to the new second and third Tier pension schemes. These funds are invested in prescribed portfolios as per the NPRA regulations. Investment policy statements are crafted; investment objectives are also aligned with risk profile, asset allocation, return expectations and liquidity needs.

Our team of pension experts provide the following services:

  • Structuring portfolios based on the risk profile, with consent from trustees
  • Educating employees on the three-tiered scheme and its benefits
  • Regularly updating scheme members on changes in regulatory guidelines

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