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Investment tips

Pay with


  • Pay yourself first! Your investment should be the first of your expenses.
  • Use forced savings plans! Save! Don’t spend!
  • Sell and sell more!
  • Use windfalls
  • Never say I do not have money to invest! But rather say “how can I have money to invest!
  • We keep postponing our investment plans
  • We do not set investment goals
  • We do not commit ourselves to investment goals we set.
  • We know very little about investments
  • People buy financial instruments such as shares when price are too high.
  • People ‘fall in love’ with particular financial instrument.
  • We lose patience. The intelligent investor knows that when investing, "patience is a virtue"
  • We do not diversify. Instead, we invest all our monies in one financial instrument.
  • No! Investment is not dangerous. It can only be risky!
  • What then is risk? Risk is where what you expect does not come true. But with patience, we get there.
  • Further, risk can be managed!
  • The smarter investor knows that a risky investment is better than a safe consumption.

Invest in financial assets!

  • The advantage here is that, when it comes to earning money, financial instruments work harder than you!
  • Both short-term and long- term financial assets are available. These are called money and capital market instruments/assets respectively. Egs.   of money market are call accounts, treasury notes, certificates of deposits (FD), CP. Capital market include shares of listed companies, unlisted   (OTC), bonds.
  • Knows the difference between assets and liabilities and tries to accumulate more assets!
  • An asset gives you back your money and more.
  •  A liability takes away your money.
  •  Recognize the magic of compounding (Builds cash, buys houses).
  •  Knows when to buy luxuries and even purchase more with proper planning.
  • The illusive someday.
  • Believing you are what you drive.
  • Traps of borrowing.
  • Play it safe, instead of playing it smart with money.
  • Under investing for retirement.
  • Not open to new ideas.
  •  Can’t get money to invest.

Recognize the following assets;

  • Shares
  • Mutual Funds & Unit Trusts.
  • Bonds.
  • Income Generating Real Estates.
  • Plots of land.
  • i.e. Anything of value that produces income or appreciates and has a ready market

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