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UMB IHL is a registered Primary Dealer of Government of Ghana, Bank of Ghana Securities; Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds. This service is provided to both institutional and retail investors.

Treasury Bills: Treasury Bills are short term money market instruments issued by Bank of Ghana (BOG) on its own account, or on behalf of the Government of Ghana (GOG). This is a common method used by the government to borrow money from citizens to fund its expenditure. It is one of the most popular means of investment and has very minimal or no risk at all.

Treasury Notes: Treasury Notes are medium to long term money market instruments with tenors shorter than bonds. Similar to treasury bills, these are issued by Bank of Ghana (BOG) on its own account, or on behalf of the Government of Ghana (GOG).

Government of Ghana Bonds: Bonds are long term debt securities issued by the Government of Ghana. Tenors of these securities are longer than Treasury Notes.

The following are the range of Government of Ghana securities available to investors:

  • 91 and 182-Day Treasury Bills
  • 1 and 2-Year Treasury Notes
  • 3, 5 7, 10 and 15-Year Bonds

Ghanaian citizens, institutions and foreign residents in Ghana are eligible to purchase and sell Treasury Bills and Notes

Broad features of Government of Ghana securities include:

Risk free investment since returns are guaranteed in monetary terms and the security is backed by the full faith and credit of the Bank of Ghana and Government of Ghana

  • Can be discounted before maturity at the request of the investor
  • You earn fixed rate of interest which serves as a regular source of income
  • They can effectively be used as collateral for loans and other credit facilities
  • Treasury Bill statements can be used when applying for visas

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