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 It is an open-ended mutual fund which has the objective of achieving long term capital growth for its shareholders.

 It operates by mobilizing funds from shareholders into a big pool. These funds are then invested by the Fund Manager on behalf of the shareholders. The Fund’s portfolio shall consist of 30% Equity and 70% Fixed income with a rebalancing range in the margin of +/-10%. At least 5% of the Fund’s assets shall be held in cash and cash equivalents.

Your investment can be used to meet your medium to long term financial needs. This includes financing of education, acquisition of property, retirement planning, income etc.

  • Payment can be made by cash or cheque at the office of UMB-IHL, 57 Dr. Isert St. North Ridge, Opposite FC Beauty Clinic.
  • Payment can also be made by cash or cheque into the UMB Balanced Fund Account at all UMB Branches.
  • Issuance of post-dated cheques payable at UMB-IHL.
  •  Through wire transfer into our UMB Balanced Fund Account (Kindly contact us for details).
  • Our investments are guided by extensive research on the equity and fixed income market.
  • You enjoy the services of a professional fund manager.
  • Investors have the benefit of a well diversified portfolio.
  • Ease of Entry & Exit
  • Liquidity & Flexibility
  • The first year attracts a charge of 3%
  • The second year attracts a charge of 2%
  • The third year attracts a charge of 1.5%
  • Redemptions done after the third year attract no charge.

Yes, there are risks involved in every investment and the UMB Balanced Fund is no exception. As a result of your investments primarily being in listed equities and Fixed Deposits, you would be exposed to the following risks associated with these investments;

  • Equity: The value of shares may fluctuate in response to developments during the course of running the company. Other macroeconomic factors such as inflation rate, returns on securities in the money market may affect the value of your shares in the fund.
  •  Fixed Income: This type of investment has two major risks. Credit risk which is the risk associated with the probability that the issuer of the security may not be able to repay back the principal and/or interest on the debt. Interest rate risk which results from fluctuations in the value of a fixed investment due to changes in the general level of interest rates.

Certainly! You would receive a contract note for purchases and sales made on your investment account. In addition, you will receive a quarterly statement on your account. As a shareholder you would receive a report on the performance of the fund on a semi-annual and annual basis.

  • The unit price of the fund will be published on every business day at our office.
  • You can also visit our website at for the share price.

Yes. Even though you have access to your funds when the need arises, it is highly recommended that you allow your contributions to remain in the fund for at least 3 years. This enables you to realise optimum returns on your investment.

You will need to complete a withdrawal form (available at our office or at Submission can also be done via hand delivery, post, Fax or email to

 Proceeds of disinvestment in UMB Balanced Fund will be available after ten business days.  Cheque amounts above GH₵1000.00 cannot be opened. However, opened cheques require valid ID cards before collection.

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